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​Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families Foundation

The Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families Foundation is an outgrowth of the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families.  A number of present and former Partnership board members determined that a nonprofit, charitable corporation was needed to raise and disperse funds for Partnership projects that the county and school budgets could not accommodate.

The Partnership’s mission is “to provide advice and recommendations to the Boards (County and School) about public policy issues and resource allocation matters with a view towards improving the health, well-being, and safety of children, youth and families in Arlington County."

Board Members:

Diane Smith, President

Barbara Gomez, Vice President

Linda Henderson, Secretary

John Andelin, Treasurer

Carol Arnold

Amy Graham, Ph.D.

Mary Ann Moran

Anne Vorder Bruegge

Patricia Romano

Meg Tuccillo

For information about donating to the Foundation or applying for funding from the Foundation, please e-mail the Partnership at:

APCYF Foundation

2100 Washington Blvd.,3rd Floor

Arlington, VA 22204703-228-1667